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CSSA - BOX MAKING WORKSHOP – Sunday 24th September 2023

Materials Required (and some optional)

You will each receive a kit containing the following at a cost of $5

·         A4 Box Board - 2400ɥm (which is 2.4mm)

·         PVA Glue – good quality and fresh in a glass jar

·         Sandpaper – for tidying up the cut surfaces of the box board and making sure that pieces that are supposed to be the same size - are.

·         Paper towel – two pieces – one will be pre-folded the other is flat to be used in the final stages of the class.

·         Newspaper – several pieces cut into approximately A4 size or an old magazine.

·         Kitchen cloth – for cleaning up excess glue.

·         “Lego type” bricks – two small jigs and one large corner jig are provided for you to keep for any future box making or other craft project where you need accurate square corners.

·         Ribbon – approximately 1cm wide and about 10cm long. This is optional but recommended. I will have a range of ribbons available in the workshop. You should select a colour to complement your decorative paper.

·         Scrap box board – to help in the shaping of the box.

·         One plastic produce bag.

You will need to purchase decorative paper for the class.

·         I recommend Japanese Chiyogami Paper as it is easy to use, very forgiving and looks great. I will have a small range of quarter sheets (32cmx47cm) available at $8 per sheet. If you wish to purchase your own, you can make a box using two A4 sheets. I will be putting in an order to Kami Paper in Melbourne and will include your choices if you let me know by Monday 4th September at the very latest. Check out and choose full sheet, half sheet or A4. Let me know number, name, size and a 5-8 word description of the paper so I can cross check your wishes.

You will need to bring the following items with you to the class:

·         Strong craft knife with new blade and some spare blades. I use an 18mm craft knife. Mine is Fiskars Brand. Narrow craft knives may not be strong enough to cut through the heavy box board. (I just bought a cheap one from Bunnings and it was useless for cutting box board.)

·         Scalpel (optional) – this will only be used once and if you have a sharp craft knife you may not need it. I never use one, but other people do.

·         Sharp scissors with good points

·         Cheap bristle brush (about 1cm) for applying glue – I use two brushes, one 12mm and one 6mm from a set I bought at a discount store.

·         2 x Water jars – I recommend glass jars as you will rest your brush(es) in one between applying the glue. (When you clean up, fill your jar with water and pour into an inconspicuous part of the garden. Don’t wash glue down the drain!) The other jar is for fresh water to dampen your cloth for glue wipe up as necessary.

·         Bone folder

·         Pencil – sharp – recommend a 0.5 or 0.3 propelling pencil or an HB pencil and a sharpener.

·         Steel ruler – 30 cm (The heavier the better)

·         Cutting Mat – A3 recommended but you can use an A4 size.


·         Heavy weights – e.g.- books, bricks, or kitchen/gym weight



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 This Month's Meeting



Please note that the nest meeting is on Sunday 25th June 2023, North East Community House, 1.15pm. Your attendance would be appreciated.


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 Just a few  reminders:

  •      Don't forget your $10 attendance fee.
  •      The room will be open at the North East Community Centre from 1pm, but the workshop will officially begin at 1.15pm.
  •      The kitchen may be open but bring your own drinks and snacks anyway.
  •      Masks are no longer mandatory but you may still feel more comfortable wearing one






 For more information about workshops please contact the Society and like us on Facebook for updates.

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